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BA Week: DAY 3 - Practical Agile Part 2

Wednesday, November 3, 2021 -
1:00pm to 5:00pm

IIBA Winnipeg is pleased to present BA Week Workshops!  

Nov 3 - Practical Agile Part 2

The Badass BA Goes Agile!

Badass Business Analysis Techniques has been the biggest selling workshop in the history of Project Summit, Project World and Business Analysis World. If you’ve hesitated because you’re working on an Agile team, this workshop is for you! We’ve shared 35 analysis techniques in Badass BA Techniques Part 1 and Part 2. We’ll, we’ve been told we have 4 hours to teach as many agile techniques as we can. That sounds like a challenge, so let’s push for 12 … OR MORE!  We’ll focus on techniques that will load up your backlog, communicate vision, understand your customers, facilitate and prioritize. This dynamic, fun and interactive workshop has one goal you’ll learn by doing, yes, even virtually! You will learn and actively practice at least 12 new techniques to help you elicit, analyze, facilitate, and more that you can use immediately on the job.

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For the complete 6 workshop bundle, please register on the following page: https://winnipeg.iiba.org/event/ba-week-workshops-all-days-package

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Note: When registering, please ensure proper and completed contact information is provided including valid email address

If you have registered for the event and do not receive workshop link till the day before the workshop please contact our VP of Professional Development, Anas Orwani at: vpprofessionaldevelopment@winnipeg.iiba.org

For any questions regarding the workshops please contact our VP of Professional Development, Anas Orwani at: vpprofessionaldevelopment@winnipeg.iiba.org

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Paul Crosby
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