Collaborating with the student community at misa's biztek 2020

IIBA Winnipeg board members were key participants in the recently held BizTek 2020. Biztek is an annual business network activity coordinated by students from the Asper School of Business in Management Information Systems.

In an evening of presentations, networking and dinner, Biztek invites active board members and professionals to share their experience with the students. The IIBA Winnipeg Chapter has been an active supporter of Biztek since 2015. We also participated in the networking session, where participants were able to understand the opportunities and benefits of IIBA Winnipeg.

Student and Emerging professionals represent a key demographic in our membership and are at the focus of our 2020 plans. The Chapter on IIBA Winnipeg now offers several opportunities for professional development and voluntary work.

​The IIBA Winnipeg chapter also supports employers with sponsorship and job opportunities in direct association with new and existing talent. Please refer to our offerings at to learn how your organization can benefit from our partnership.